Indiana House passes HB1577

23 Feb , 2021 Uncategorized

Pro-life bill will now go to the Senate for consideration


Indianapolis – The Indiana House voted overwhelmingly 67-29 on Monday to pass HB1577, a multifaceted pro-life bill that among other provisions, would ensure women taking the abortion pill RU-486 be informed about the abortion pill reversal process.  This life saving procedure can reverse the effects of the abortion pill if taken in a timely fashion.  Abortion pill reversal (APR) has already saved the lives of 2,000 babies nationwide, whose mothers changed their minds after starting the chemical abortion regimen, many of them here in Indiana.

In addition to information about APR, HB1577 also strengthens Indiana’s parental consent requirements, provides enforcement mechanisms for failed health inspections of abortion facilities, and provides conscience protections for mental health care workers.

Marc Tuttle, President of Right to Life of Indianapolis, said that the bill “is not just a baby step toward making abortion unavailable and unthinkable in Indiana, it’s a lot of steps that together bring us closer to the day when Indiana will be abortion-free,”

HB1577 was authored by State Representative Peggy Mayfield (R-Martinsville), and co-sponsored by Representative Joanna King (R-Middlebury) and Representative Michelle Davis (R-Whiteland).

The bill will soon be taken up by the Indiana Senate.  Sign up for legislative updates from Indiana Right to Life to follow HB1577 progress, and for action alerts from Indiana Right to Life.



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