Sidewalk Counselors Continue to Promote Life in the Midst of a Pandemic

4 May , 2020 News Worthy

When city and state officials shutdown Indiana to try to slow the spread of a deadly pandemic, most businesses were forced to shutter their windows and deal with the effects of a general economic slowdown.  But it quickly became obvious to pro-life advocates, that the abortion industry had no intention of slowing down.  Thanks to […]

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How we all keep working to promote respect for EVERY human life

6 Apr , 2020 News Worthy

We may have had to move our office to our homes, but rest assured – RTLI is continuing to advocate for the right of every human life. You can still reach us by e-mail – life@rtlindy.org – or by phone, (317) 582-1526, but our location on 86th street is closed for the time being. With […]

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Corona Virus Crisis Exposes Abortion Providers’ True Colors

23 Mar , 2020 News Worthy

Corona Virus Crisis Exposes Abortion Providers’ True Colors

The game is over – the Corona virus has shown that abortion has nothing to do with real “health care” You can call abortion “murder” or you can call it “choice,” but after the actions of the abortion industry during the Corona virus outbreak there is no way anyone can still call abortion “health care.” […]

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