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Marian Knights for Life host “Choose Life Night” on adoption and foster parenting

26 Nov , 2019 News Worthy

Over 100 attended this pro-life event sharing positive stories and featuring a variety of community pro-life organizations. How many times have you been asked as a pro-lifer, “but what are you doing to support single mom’s and ‘unwanted’ children. How many kid’s have you adopted?” A comment like this is rhetorical blackmail, of course, and […]

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Making Medical Decisions from a Pro-life Perspective

31 Oct , 2019 Bioethics

“Medical Decision Making from a Pro-life Perspective”  – Dr. Elliott Bedford, Director of Ethics Integration for St. Vincent Health talks about Medical Decision Making from a Catholic, pro-life perspective. You can CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast of this topic.  Additional resources on these pro-life, bioethical topics can be found the National Catholic Bioethics […]