Pro-Life Movement in Central Indiana Loses a Giant

2 Apr , 2020 News Worthy

Bob Rust was a mentor, trainer, friend, and inspiration to an entire generation of pro-life activists

The pro-life movement in Central Indiana has lost a true hero to the Cononavirus.  Bob Rust, who was a mentor, friend and leader to so many pro-lifers in the Indianapolis area, passed away last Sunday.  He was 88, and is survived by his wife Rita.
Bob was a pioneer, answering the call to witness for life in Indianapolis when few were standing up. He faithfully prayed in front of multiple abortion facilities in Indianapolis, coordinated sidewalk counseling efforts, and trained many volunteers to compassionately offer help, healing, and prayer to women as they entered the abortion facility.
Bob began his ministry at the doors of our city’s abortion facilities in the 1980’s, after he was inspired by Joe Scheidler’s admonition that, “to really be pro-life, you should spend at least one hour a month at an abortion clinic.” Bob began to travel from Greensburg to Indianapolis to counsel and minister to women seeking abortions.  He was a lone voice at first, but soon he was training others to reach out to women, and has been a mentor, friend, and prayer-partner for countless pro-lifers in Indianapolis ever since.
Though Bob has not been able to travel to Indianapolis for several years, his prayers have always been with us.  He was surely greeted by thousands of children whom he prayed for and acknowledged, and he will be missed tremendously by an entire community of pro-lifers who he taught, coached, served, and loved.

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