Marian Knights for Life host “Choose Life Night” on adoption and foster parenting

26 Nov , 2019 News Worthy

Over 100 attended this pro-life event sharing positive stories and featuring a variety of community pro-life organizations.

How many times have you been asked as a pro-lifer, “but what are you doing to support single mom’s and ‘unwanted’ children. How many kid’s have you adopted?”

A comment like this is rhetorical blackmail, of course, and you certainly don’t have to personally adopt or care for every human being to argue that everyone has a right to life. No one would expect you to first adopt abused puppies before you can be against animal cruelty, and no one would expect you to house and shelter refugees before you are allowed to speak up for the rights of immigrants.

But a recent event held by Marian University’s Knights for Life, featured several people who have felt called to adopt foster children and help single mothers who have chosen life.

Marian’s “Choose Life” night featured the testimony of Cara Bach and her family. Cara and her husband, Josh, have generously fostered and adopted five children. In addition, “Choose Life” night featured the stories of several Marian University students who were adopted, or who have chosen life for their children and are parenting while being students. The night also featured the story of Amy Shireman, an Indiana mom who met one of Marian’s seminarians at an abortion facility in Louisville, and chose life for her baby.

The event was incredibly well-attended, and is a great testament to the strength of the pro-life community at Marian, as well as a great example of how pro-lifers don’t “just care about the babies.” We love and care for women, and children – born and preborn alike. We don’t have to “choose” – we can love them both!

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