Corona Virus Crisis Exposes Abortion Providers’ True Colors

23 Mar , 2020 News Worthy

Corona Virus Crisis Exposes Abortion Providers’ True Colors

The game is over – the Corona virus has shown that abortion has nothing to do with real “health care”

You can call abortion “murder” or you can call it “choice,” but after the actions of the abortion industry during the Corona virus outbreak there is no way anyone can still call abortion “health care.”

For years, abortionists have tried to portray themselves as “health care providers.”  They have insisted on referring to abortion as “reproductive health” and tried to fit into the world of medicine, doctors, and hospitals.  Of course, the purpose of “health care” is to promote health and to bring people who are sick or injured back to a state of health.  It’s a little hard to claim abortion is “health care” when a perfectly healthy woman walks into a facility with a perfectly healthy baby, and one walks out having her health jeopardized by an unnecessary procedure, while the other is killed in utero.

With the country now combating a global epidemic, any pretense that abortion providers are some how engaged in “health care” is over.  While communities have been coming together to fight the Corona virus pandemic, abortionists have gone out of their way to ignore health care recommendations, exploit the epidemic for more funding, and use the search for a cure for this virus as an opportunity to push their political projects.  We are practicing social distancing, learning how to teach our kids via eLearning, converting our offices to endless Zoom meetings and conference calls, and most importantly, limiting non-essential travel, goods, and services.  Meanwhile, abortion providers are recklessly endangering public health in their attempts to maximize the number of abortions they can commit.

Despite the fact that the world is facing an unprecedented public health emergency, the abortion industry has collectively shrugged their shoulders at the measures the rest of us are undertaking to support heath care workers and combat the Corona virus.  Instead, Planned Parenthood in California has doubled down on committing abortions by reportedly cutting back on other procedures and services in order to focus on abortion.   In Ohio, providers like Planned Parenthood are defying the governor’s orders to provide only essential medical care, despite a letter from the state’s Attorney General ordering them to stop abortions.  Of the six abortion facilities in Ohio, five are continuing to perform abortions in spite of the state’s ban on all non-essential medical procedures.  Not only is it insulting to try to claim that destroying human beings is “essential” and “health care,” but by continuing to commit abortions, abortionists are depriving front line health care workers of resources, support, and materials that they need to do the real health care work of treating and testing for the Corona virus.

The abortion industry’s reaction to the Corona virus goes beyond just reckless indifference, however.  In an effort to exploit this crisis, abortion lobbyists are trying to sneak extra funding into the relief bills that are being debated in Congress.   Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to work around the Hyde amendment, which prohibits federal funding for abortion, by appropriating extra money for abortion through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), where the Hyde amendment does not apply.  Now, she is trying to fund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers through aid that is earmarked for small businesses, even though Planned Parenthood posts multi-million dollar revenues annually.  These continued attempts by abortion providers to exploit the Corona virus crisis so they can receive more federal funding is part of what is causing Republicans and Democrats to hold up these much needed economic relief bills.

The abortion industry is also using the Corona virus emergency to try to resurrect their pet political projects, namely trading and profiting on fetal tissue.  The Charlotte Lozier Institute reported last week that abortion advocates are cynically calling for an end to federal restrictions on fetal tissue research, claiming that baby parts are necessary for engineering a vaccine for the Corona virus.  While ethical researchers across the country are furiously trying to devise tests and treatments for this deadly disease, advocates of the baby parts market see this as an opportunity to try to claim legitimacy for what many experts in medical research consider a dead-end.  As Dr. Tara Lee, a clinical researcher who is an expert on pathological mechanisms, particularly of childhood diseases like mumps, measles and other viruses, testified in front of Congress,  “After over 100 years of research, no therapies have been discovered or developed that require aborted fetal tissue. History has shown us that we never needed fetal tissue.”  Ethical alternatives that can be used for developing vaccines abound.  And yet, those who profit in the use of fetal tissue research saw the search for a Corona virus vaccine as an opportunity to exploit.

When a real health care crisis has emerged, and those who are generally concerned about women’s health – as well as men’s health and children’s health – are rolling up their sleeves to save lives, the abortion industry is showing their true colors.  They could care less about “health care.”  In fact, they have pushed and fought to commit abortions despite the fact that they might be jeopardizing public health.  They can try to claim otherwise all they want, but their actions speak much louder than their words.  There is no more denying that abortion has nothing at all to do with true health care.  It never has, and it never will.

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