Indiana’s Legislative Victories a Monumental Step Forward for the Pro-Life Movement

1 May , 2019 Legislative News

Last Week, Governor Eric Holcomb signed two key pieces of pro-life legislation into law. HEA 1211 ends the barbaric practice of dismemberment abortion in our state, and SB 201 protects the consciences of nurses and pharmacists by preventing them from being forced to participate in abortion.

Dismemberment abortions are a 2nd and third trimester abortion procedure that involves pulling an alive unborn baby limb from limb. Indiana joins close to a dozen other states to pass similar laws. As expected, the law was instantly challenged in court by the ACLU and abortion providers, but the Indiana State Attorney General’s office said during testimony regarding the bill that when it was challenged, they would defend the bill. Existing Supreme Court precedent as well as compelling state interest puts Indiana on good constitutional ground for arguing that it has a right to protect unborn children from this gruesome procedure. HEA 1211, authored by Rep. Peggy Mayfield and co-authored by Rep. Christy Stutzman

In addition, Governor Holcomb signed SB 201, a bill that extends to nurses, nurse practitioners and pharmacists existing conscience right protections already afforded to doctors. With the expanding use of chemical abortions in the state, as well as national professional organizations increasingly dictating training and certification requirements for nurses and pharmacists, it’s crucial that we protect pro-life nurses and pharmacists from being forced into situations where they have to choose between their jobs and following their consciences. SB 201 was authored by Sen. Liz Brown with co-authors Sens. Linda Rogers, Travis Holdman, Dennis Kruse, Eric Bassler, John Crane, Ron Grooms and Jim Tomes in the Senate.SB 201 was sponsored in the House by Reps. Ron Bacon, Christy Stutzman, Peggy Mayfield, Chris Judy, Dave Heine, Martin Carbaugh, Ben Smaltz, Matt Hostettler, Dennis Zent, J.D. Prescott, Jim Lucas, David Abbott, Ryan Lauer, Shane Lindauer, Jeff Thompson, and Tim Wesco.

These two new laws help bolster the pro-life culture that is emerging in Indiana and will give us a giant step closer toward protecting all children in our state from the horror of abortion. Thanks to all of you who called their Senators and Representatives and spoke up on social media and in the public to help make Indiana a more pro-life state!

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