Are you grieving from an abortion?

  • Grace Ministry | (God’s Real Acceptance Compassion and Encouragement) | 317-902-8686 | | GRACE offers a Bible study for women and men who desire comfort and healing from their abortion(s). The Forgiven and Set Free study held at Life Centers was formed to see women freed from the bondage of guilt and grief that follows abortion.
  • Healing Hidden Hurts | P.O. Box 532992 Indianapolis, IN 46253 | Debbie Miller 317-490-1267 | | | Healing Hidden Hurts is one-to-one peer ministry where women who understand what you are going through will help you heal from your hidden wounds. Through a 10 step program women are helped to see how they have been affected by abortion and are guided to healing and to experience God’s merciful love.
  • Forgiven and Set Free | Zionsville Fellowship | 317-695-9691 | Zionsville Fellowship is committed to helping those who have been affected by wounds of abortion to experience healing and forgiveness through a deeper understanding and acceptance of God’s unconditional love. Those who have felt the shame and distance in relationships often associated with post-abortion are offered the opportunity to share in a 12 week Bible Study, talking with those who can identify with them and guide them through the process of healing.
  • Rachel Ministries – Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis | Phone: 317-452-0054 | | | Project Rachel – These Archdiocesan programs, involving trained priests, professionals and volunteers, help women and men who are post-abortive discover reconciliation, healing and peace. Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats – A weekend spiritual experience for women and men that addresses the deep spiritual wounds of abortion. Rachel’s Network – This spiritual support group for women and men after participating in Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats, meets monthly for ongoing spiritual formation. Rachel’s Counselors – This group consists of Catholic therapists who are trained in post-abortion ministry. They provide services as counselors for ongoing healing.
  • Urban Life Matters | P.O. Box 88482, Indianapolis, IN 46208 | Sally Williams Thompson | Phone: 317-748-6269 | | Urban Life Matters promotes the beautiful value of life in African American communities across America, leading families wounded by abortion to hope and healing.