Pro-Lifers show up in force to #ProtestPP in Indianapolis

25 Jul , 2018 Events

Indianapolis, IN – In conjunction with over 150 other cities across the country, Right to Life of Indianapolis hosted a prayerful rally for the 2nd annual National Day of Prayer and Protest of Planned Parenthood. The theme of the rally was “Women Deserve Better Than Planned Parenthood,” and featured 6 women speakers and State Senator Mike Delph, all of whom called for an end to tax payer support of Planned Parenthood and a renewal of true respect for women through compassion, rather than abandoning women in the name of so-called “choice.”
For the first time, Right to Life of Indianapolis was able to live-stream the rally on social media, which expanded the audience from the 85-100 rally participants to well over 300 who saw the rally on Facebook. Right to Life of Indianapolis is increasing our presence on social media and will have an even bigger impact as we unroll a new and improved Web site this Siummer. Watch for us online!

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