Seven Tips to Voting Pro-Life

18 Oct , 2019 Elections

Seven Tips to Voting Pro-Life

On Nov. 5, municipal elections take place. To change our society to a culture of that values life at all stages and respects all persons from conception until natural death is critical. Voting for elected officials is important at all levels of government. Just as each person counts, each election counts.

Here are 7 tips to consider when voting pro-life.

  1. Register to Vote. Make sure you register to vote and make sure your registration is current if you have moved. (Deadline is Oct. 7)
  2. Vote. Being registered is important, but you must take action and actually vote.
  3. Make a plan. Find your polling location and voting hours. These locations change from time to time and some locations have expanded or early voting opportunities. If work or a busy schedule prohibits you from voting on election day, find a Saturday early voting location and take advantage of that opportunity to cast your vote.                                                     (Absentee voting by mail is Oct. 24.)
  4. Know the Candidates. Learn about the candidates and where they stand on the value of life. If this topic is not explicitly stated on his or her campaign material or webpage, contact the candidate and ask them, and share their answer with others. It is not enough to vote for one political party or the other and think a candidate has a certain position on life based on political party alone, candidates’ view on life issues vary from candidate to candidate and from one political party to another. Find out and confirm their position.
  5. Right to Life is a fundamental value. If a human person is devalued at the beginning, it lends itself to be devalued or discarded at any and every stage. Recognizing the value and rights of a human person from conception is essential to giving the human person value at other times, circumstances or age.
  6. Encourage your pro-life friends, family and co-workers to vote. Once you make your voting plan, invite a friend to do the same. It only takes a few seconds to text, call or email a friend, or encourage these people to vote using your social media platforms.
  7. Help Pro-Life Candidates. Supporting pro-life candidates takes many forms beyond voting. You can campaign by walking neighborhoods, passing out literature, sharing political ads on social media, or delivering yard signs. You can make “get out the vote” calls on election day. Contact the pro-life candidate in your area and ask how you can help them out.

Changing the culture to embrace the value all life from conception until natural death means, in part, electing pro-life candidates for all elected offices. It is common for elected officials, once elected to political office, to seek higher office. Just because a candidate’s office may not directly be connected to abortion policy doesn’t mean it can’t or that it won’t in the future. Being engaged in standing up life involved active participation in the civic government. Voting is an essential part of that process.

Right to Life of Indianapolis covers Marian County and the surrounding counties: Hamilton, Boone, Hendricks, Morgan, Johnson, Shelby and Hancock. We need you. To find out how you can help, contact Right to Life of Indianapolis at 317-582-1526 or at the webpage Additional details for Indiana voting can be found at

Thank you for your pro-life involvement in the upcoming Nov. 5 municipal election. See you at the polls!

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