Seymour clinic closing is more evidence of Planned Parenthood’s deep commitment to abortion

19 Jul , 2019 Abortion in Indiana

Planned Parenthood announced this week that they will be shuttering their clinic in Seymour and directing all of their patients to the Planned Parenthood in Columbus. This is just the latest of a string of clinic closings by Planned Parenthood in Indiana. In fact, the number of PP clinics in the Hoosier state has dropped by more than half in the last decade. In 2007, there were 35 PP clinics in Indiana, and with the closing of the clinic in Seymour there are now only 15. That’s good news, but not as good as it could be. This latest closing seems to be part of a trend on the part of Planned Parenthood to be doubling down on abortion, and abandoning any feigned commitment it might have had to “health care” outside of abortion. During the same decade that the number of clinics in Indiana plummeted, the number of abortion-providing abortion facilities actually increased, as did the number of abortions committed by Planned Parenthood. Since 2007, abortions have increased at Planned Parenthood 8% — from 5,160 in 2007 to 5,611 in 2019.

It’s clear, Planned Parenthood is committed to providing more abortions. No matter what.

Despite their claims that abortion makes up only 3% of the services they provide, an examination of Planned Parenthood’s annual reports reveals the organization’s deep commitment to expanding abortion. In the past decade (2007-2017), the number of pap tests performed by Planned Parenthood decreased 72 percent, the number of breast exams fell by 65 percent and the number of cancer screenings decreased by 68 percent, while the number of abortions increased by 9% over the same time period. Contraception services provided by PP also dropped by a third (33%) as did prenatal care (down 17%) and adoption referrals (down 42%). Nationally, Planned Parenthood has followed the same pattern as the one in Indiana, closing non-abortion providing “health centers” in order to expand their abortion services. Since 2007, Planned Parenthood has closed 32% of their facilities nationwide, while expanding abortion by 9%.

This commitment to abortion was recently on public display nationally when PPFA’s board of directors decided to fire Dr. Leana Wen as the organization’s president. According to the New York Times, one of the main reasons for Dr. Wen’s firing was her insistence on advocating for health care more broadly than just abortion. Dr. Wen came under fire for attempting to include new topics on PP’s Website like asthma and prevention of the common cold. A current employee of Planned Parenthood told the New York Times that many people “chafed at having years of work on ‘the future of abortion access’ suddenly replaced with different priorities,” Providing health care is, evidently in the eyes of many at Planned Parenthood, a different and misguided priority.

So why is Planned Parenthood so committed to abortion?

Abortion is necessary for Planned Parenthood so it can fulfill it’s original three-ofd mission, as laid out by Margaret Sanger when the organization was founded. Margaret Sanger promoted birth control as an instrument of social change, not health care. She was clear in her objectives: untethering sexuality and sex from marriage, eugenically using birth control to promote “racial hygiene,” and undermining the moral authority claimed by Christianity in society. Planned Parenthood has stayed faithful to this mission ever since. But these objectives can’t be reached if Planned Parenthood becomes an organization known for cancer screenings, pap smears and prenatal care. There is no promotion of sex, attempt to address social problems or challenge to the authority of Christianity in a mammogram. Instead, Planned Parenthood has to remain committed to not only providing, but promoting abortions, in order to stay true to their founding mission which is fundamentally transforming society, not providing health care.

Planned Parenthood’s abandonment of their clinic in Seymour isn’t about health care, and it’s not about trying to more efficiently serve “patients.” Despite all their claims to the contrary, Planned Parenthood is closing their clinic in Seymour to be able to focus more resources, more staff, and more facilities on abortion. It shows who Planned Parenthood is as an organization — the world’s largest provider of abortion.

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