Fetal Disposal Law Passes Legislature

27 Feb , 2020 Abortion in Indiana,Legislative News,Right To Life Indianapolis Dinner

Representative Christie Stutzman (R-Middlbury) presents SB 299, the Fetal Disposal Bill, on the Indiana House floor.

New Law Will Help Underscore the Humanity of the Unborn

Indianapolis — The Indiana House of Representatives voted 77-13 to pass SB 299, a bill requiring abortion facilities to notify women undergoing an abortion that they will be aborting a human fetus.  In addition, it will require abortion providers to arrange for the humane disposal of aborted babies and to provide women with options regarding the final disposition of their aborted child.

The Indiana Senate had previously passed the bill by a vote of 40-9.  The bill will be up for a quick concurrence by the bill’s authors in the Senate, and then presumably will be sent to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.  SB 299 was authored by Senator Elizabeth Brown (R-Ft. Wayne).

Indiana had passed a humane disposal law in 2017 which was challenged in the courts, but then eventually upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court this past summer.  SB 299 provides a much needed framework to ensure enforcement of Indiana’s fetal disposition law, as well as informed consent requirements underscoring the humanity of the unborn child and providing women undergoing abortions options regarding the final disposition of their child.  It closes some grey areas and loopholes the pro-life community was afraid would be exploited by the abortion industry.

While we are continuing to fight for the day when every human being is protected from conception until natural death, this law will enhance our state’s recognition of the humanity of preborn children and it will ensure that our unborn brothers and sisters aren’t discarded as merely medical waste.

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