Federal Judge Allows Pro-life Nurse’s Discrimination Case Against IU-South Bend to Proceed

3 Feb , 2020 Abortion in Indiana,News Worthy

IU South Bend is being sued for discriminating against pro-life nurse

SOUTH BEND, IN – A federal court has denied a motion for summary judgment in a suit on behalf of a pro-life nurse who was allegedly denied a faculty position at IU-South Bend for being pro-life. The case will now be allowed to proceed to a jury.
According to the suit, Cynthia Isabell was denied a full-time faculty position at IUSB after reportedly being grilled during her interview for her pro-life beliefs. Faculty members who participated in the hiring process testified that the whole hiring process was grossly unfair to the pro-life nurse, reporting that Ms. Isabell was aggressively questioned about “being pro-life” during interviews. One professor was alarmed enough to file an Affirmative Action complaint about the interview.
The case is being handled by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), who is now preparing the case for trial scheduled on April 29. We will keep you updated as this case proceeds, but you can read more about it on the ACLJ’s Website here.

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