2019 shows slight increase in number of abortion facilities

6 Jan , 2020 Abortion in Indiana

Operation Rescue just published their annual survey of the number of abortion facilities. In 2019, the number of abortion facilities nationwide increased by 9, and the number here in Indiana increased by one – the one that was opened without a license in South Bend. In Indiana, we now have 7 active abortion facilites and nationwide there are 710.

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Why does this matter? Alan Guttmacher Institute, the main research organization of the abortion industry, has repeatedly reported that the farther away a pregnant woman lives from an abortion facility, the less likely she is to have an abortion. So, the number of abortion facilities is strongly correlated with the number of abortions.

One implication of this is that women aren’t nearly as desperate to abort their children as abortion advocates want us to think. If women change their mind about abortion because of a cross-state drive, they certainly aren’t going to result to coat hangers, Lysol or any of the other horrific “back-alley” abortion methods pro-choicers try to scare us with. The fact of the matter is, most women don’t really want abortions, and they are looking for ways to NOT have an abortion. Whether it’s a long trip, or someone offering them another viable option, many women are looking for signs to talk themselves out of an abortion.

Operation Rescue’s state-by-state map of abortion facilities also reveals disproportionate amounts of abortion facilities in certain states. In the Midwest, for instance, every state has 10 or fewer abortion facilities except for two. Michigan has 21 abortion mills and Illinois has 28. Both these states have very lax laws regarding abortion. It’s yet another sign that good pro-life laws ultimately save lives!

These are only a couple of lessons from Operation Rescue’s annual survey of abortion facilities. Take some time to read the whole report and study their map. It is really eye-opening!

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