RTLI sends State Fair Petition signatures to Senators Donnelly and Young

Over the course of the 17 days of the Indiana State Fair, over 350 men and women took time out of their day at the Fair to sign a petition, urging our Senators to help confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


Judge Kavanaugh’s distinguished career on the US Court of Appeals for Washington D.C. and his proven record of judicial restraint make him the ideal nominee for the Supreme Court.  HE will uphold the Constitution as it is written, rather than legislating personal policy preferences from the bench.  For this reason, hundreds of attendees at the Indiana State Fair stopped by Right to Life of Indianapolis’ State Fair Tent to sign the petition, telling Senators Donnelly and Young to set aside politics and vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.


As hearings on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination are taking place Washington, D.C. a recent poll of registered voters in Indiana show 46% in favor of Judge confirmation, with only 32% of registered voters being opposed.  The petitions which were sent to Indiana’s US Senators underscore the desire of voters to see Judge Kavanaugh confirmed.