There are many reasons the abortion rate is plummeting in Indianapolis

According to an AP article in today’s Indianapolis Star, the number of abortions in Indiana has declined by 20 percent since 2010.  That’s much faster than the national rate of decline of 12 percent. The drop in Marion County is a little more modest — a 16% decline since 2010 — but that’s still […]

ACTION ALERT: US House of Representatives to take up 20-week abortion ban next week

The Republican leadership of the US House of Representatives has announced that will bring The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36) to the House for a floor vote on Wednesday, May 13 or Thursday, May May 14.  The bill extends general protection from abortion to unborn children beginning at 20 weeks fetal age.  This federal bill was modeled after similar states […]

Medical Licensing Board Rejects Motion to Dismiss Complaints against Indy Abortionists

Medical Licensing Board will review evidence at a future hearing Today, hearings were scheduled for three Indianapolis abortion doctors regarding administrative licensing complaints before the Indiana Medical Licensing Board. The complaints were filed in Sept. 2014 by Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office for alleged violations of abortion procedure record keeping and advice and consent […]


Court Dismisses Bogus Charges Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood…

Planned Parenthood’s Century of Brutality

RT @Jewels_Green: WINNING Planned Parenthood closes 3 clinics in No. California #abortion #prolife #PPSellsBabyParts

Compare this to the ratio of abortions to adoptions nationwide of about 1 adoption for every 15 abortions. Pathetic…

Pro-Life apologetics workshop tonight, Delaware St. K of C. hall…

"We are shocked! Shocked, I tell you...!"…

Later this week IN Dems will honor Betty Cockrum, former PP CEO for her legacy. Here's just a part of that legacy.…

Please Pray! An ambulance just left Indy's PP at Georgetown Rd. #Womendeservebetter #DefundPP

With Vice President Pence breaking tie, Senate moves against Planned Parenthood via @usatoday

Thrilled to have 12 Chatard students at the RTLI office for their annual community service day!……

Chilis Cancels PP Fundraiser in Indiana and Kentucky After Pro-Life People Complain…

Chilis Restaurants in Indiana helping raise funds for Planned Parenthood…

At least 11 buses of teens (and 2 vans) are headed to the March for Life from Indy #MarchForLife2017 #wearetheprolifegeneration

The Atlantic Runs Embarrassing Correction After Publishing False Claim About Fetal Hearts… via @dailycaller

PPINK employee admits they don't do prenatal care and that the name "Planned Parenthood" is "deceiving"…

Planned Parenthood serves less clients than people who went to Women's Marches… via @Students4LifeHQ

Womens March Erects a Pro-Life Barrier | RealClearPolitics…

RTLI and Crusaders for Life march to protest abortion in Indy via @indystar

Report: Planned Parenthood, Other State Programs Cost Taxpayers $132 Million+ in Waste, Fraud, & Abuse… #defundPP

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Abortions since Roe v. Wade


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