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Right to Life of Indianapolis provides volunteer speakers to schools, religious and civic organizations on a variety of pro-life topics.

  • Abortion
  • Post-Abortion Ministry
  • Abstinence
  • Adoption
  • The Disabled
  • Stem Cell Research and Cloning
  • Euthanasia, Physician-assisted Suicide, and End-of-Life Issues
  • General Overview of Pro-Life Issues

Contact the Right to Life of Indianapolis office for scheduling information:  phone 317-582-1526, fax 317-819-5045 or e-mail us at


Marigrace Bailey, R.N.

As a devoted wife to her husband Dave, mother of three children, and proud grandmother of five, Marigrace loves to share her passion for the sanctity of all human life with young audiences. She is a past president of Right to Life of Indianapolis, a practicing registered nurse, and a residential realtor.

Suzanne Collins

Suzanne shares with her audience the gift of adoption as a wonderful pro-life journey for birth mothers in need of hope, those couples who dream of a child, and the unborn baby’s right to the gift of life! A heart-warming personal experience with adoption plus her professional expertise in public speaking provide Suzanne with a perfect platform to promote the benefits and realities of adoption. Her message strives to promote the adoption alternative and shows that those on both sides of the abortion issue can find hope in this loving solution.

Stephanie Engelman

When it comes to speaking for Life, Stephanie is there! She has always enjoyed speech and drama and brings the message of the sanctity of all human life to her audiences with passion and conviction. As a busy wife and mother of three young children, she writes a blog for Christian moms. Stephanie is also active in 40 Days for Life. As a gifted speaker, she welcomes opportunities to address groups of all ages. She has access to PowerPoint and DVD equipment.

Walter Fleming

Walter has a story to tell about why abstinence before marriage is the best policy. He welcomes opportunities to speak to groups of teens about the difficult choices and consequences that they face in their fast-paced culture today. Walter is a Bible teacher and attends Solid Word Bible Church. He regularly volunteers at the Right to Life booth at Black Expo. Walter is the owner of a maintenance business, and he and his wife, Michelle, are proud parents of a teenager and two pre-teens.

Hans E. Geisler, M.D., FACOG, FACS

After almost half a century in the medical field, Dr. Geisler retired in 2004 from his career as an obstetrician/gynecologist specializing in gynecological oncology. He is on the Board of Culture of Life Foundation and the Board of Catholic Radio in Indianapolis. Dr. Geisler is certified in Health Care Ethics by the National Catholic Bioethics Center, and served as the Medical Director of Oncology at St. Vincent Hospital and Health Center. He also writes articles for different catholic publications. His 45- minute PowerPoint presentation on stem cell research and human cloning demonstrates the differences between adult and embryonic stem cells and associated ethical issues. He will gladly speak on any subject related to medical ethics and religious freedom.

Elizabeth Kane

Elizabeth is 28 years post-abortive. She is eager to share her story of healing and forgiveness. She works as a pro-life missionary doing sidewalk counseling outside abortion centers in Indianapolis. Elizabeth has spoken at 40 Days for Life events and at local churches. She gave her witness at the Silent No More Rally after the March for Life in Washington DC on January 22, 2010 and is Regional Director for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. To read her testimony and learn more, visit

Ronald Kramer

Armed with faith in an unchanging God and a passion to communicate the truths about the sanctity of life too often hidden in our politically correct world, Ron finds creative ways to share these timeless truths with others. Through volunteer projects at church, at Right to Life of Indianapolis, and in the Indianapolis community, he welcomes opportunities to speak and network. Ron is a professional engineer at a large pharmaceutical company in Indianapolis. He and his wife, Mary, have five children, spanning 14 years from youngest to oldest.

Brad Lindemann

Brad Lindemann, MBA, has a passion for life and compassion towards the "living victims" of abortion that have led him, at every opportunity, to speak truth, grace, and love into this emotionally charged subject. He believes abortion will be abolished in the United States during his lifetime, and writes regularly about it on his blog at

Marcellus Martin

Marcellus is committed to spreading to high school and Christian groups the truth about abortion and the wisdom of choosing abstinence. He is an elder at Solid Word Bible Church where he has taught a weekly class on Christian theology since 2000. Marcellus co-chairs the Right to Life of Indianapolis booth at Black Expo every August where he originally heard about the pro-life work of this organization. He is the father of two young children.

Steve Martin

Steve and his wife, Virginia, were very early members of the "Committee for the Preservation of Life," which became Right to Life of Indianapolis. Steve joined its Speaker‘s Bureau in the late 1970s and Virginia served as the organization’s secretary. Their volunteer work won them the Charles Stimming Award. Today Steve continues as a robust defender of the unborn, speaking at churches, schools, and other venues whenever the opportunity arises. Steve is a computer programmer. Their children and grandchildren are a source of joy and pride.

Debbie Miller

President, Healing Hidden Hurts

Debbie speaks with empathy and compassion at churches or schools. She shares her own experience of healing from the hidden wounds of abortion, as well as stories from ten years of ministry. She established a non-profit organization, Healing Hidden Hurts, which provides free, confidential, individual peer ministry using a proven Ten-Step Program. The woman is helped to look honestly at her past, see how her abortion affects her present circumstances, and is guided to a future filled with God‘s peace and love. Debbie’s website is

Timothy O’Donnell

Tim O‘Donnell is a gifted speaker, educator, and writer whose dedication to the Pro-life cause spans over a decade. Deeply committed to the defense of the sanctity of life, Tim has participated in numerous radio shows, television programs, and rallies, and holds leadership positions across several organizations in the greater Indianapolis area. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Catholic Theology from Marian University, holds a Masters Degree in Catholic Thought and Life from Saint Meinrad School of Theology, has done graduate work in Theology at the University of Notre Dame, and currently, is a doctoral candidate at the Adler-Aquinas Institute. Tim frequently speaks on subjects such as religious liberty, stem cell research, euthanasia, death penalty, and their philosophical and theological underpinnings. He is the current Director of Religious Education at St. John Vianney Catholic, an officer of the Knights of Columbus, and the Lead Coordinator for 40 Days for Life Campaign.

James A. Scheidler, M.D.

An internist in Indianapolis since the 1960s, Dr. Scheidler specializes in endocrinology and diabetes. He welcomes opportunities to speak to teens, adults, and medical groups, using PowerPoint presentations. He addresses pro-life issues, including stem cell research, cloning, and end-of-life decisions.

Donald Sommer

Don is the pastor of Grace Church on the southside of Indianapolis. As an avid defender of life, he is an accomplished speaker on abortion and end-of-life issues. In counseling those who are facing the reality of difficult life and death decisions, Don is equipped with Christ‘s compassion as he relies on God’s sovereignty, wisdom, and perfect timing in all things. Don is also Director of the Prison Mission Association.

Sally J. Williams

Coming from a devastating personal abortion experience, Sally is passionate to share with a wide variety of groups the truth about abortion and the availability of healing and restoration. Through her ministry, Urban Life Matters, she reaches African-American pastors, leaders, and citizens of our city, state, and nation. Her website is

Ross Smith

As a recent high school graduate, Ross Smith hopes to represent the growing number of pro-life teens that are the strong future of the pro-life movement. Ross strives to convince any audience that the "Right to Life" movement is the human rights movement of the twenty first century. With a planned future in law and politics, Ross stays very politically active, focusing on lobbying his local and federal representatives to support pro-life legislation. Ross has served as president and currently serves as sponsor of Generation Joshua of Hendricks County. Ross has been the winner of multiple Right to Life oratory contests, most recently advancing to the National Right to Life oratory competition.