Abortions continue to decline in Marion County

It’s pretty easy to despair if you are a pro-lifer watching current events.  The media is awfully good at giving abortionists and abortion-mouth pieces like NARAL: Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood Action Committee and the Religious Coalition for Choice a disproportionate platform to spew their rhetoric.  Plus, it seems like there is an endless stream of judges and government bureaucrats willing to throw out pro-life laws or intervene on behalf of sloppy abortionists to bail them out.

But that’s only really only taking account of a small part of the battle to end abortion.  When you look at the whole picture, the pro-life movement is making remarkable progress.

Take the recently released numbers of abortions in Indiana for the past year.  Statewide abortions dropped by almost 9% — from 8,808 in 2012 to 8,027 in 2013.  Here in Marion County they dropped by 7.5%, from 5,418 in 2012 to 5,007.  This happened in the midst of an economic slowdown and rising prices on fuel, energy and housing in Indianapolis.  Usually, you’d expect more women to choose to abort their children in hard times, not less.

The continuing drop in the number of abortions, combined with the record number of people who consider themselves pro-life and the continual closing of more and more abortion facilities across the country offer sold proof that America is turning away from abortion as a culture.  Progress is slow still, but we’re gaining steam — despite what you might hear on the evening news.

Affiliated Womens Services is closed

Fantastic news!!!!  After 32 years of continuously destroying life, one of Indianapolis’ 4 abortion facilities has closed it’s doors for good!

Affiliated Women’s Services, formerly located in a business park by the airport, has been shut down amid mounting debt, new state regulations and a continual drop in their client base.  Faithful citizens of Indianapolis have been praying and sidewalk counseling for years at this location, particularly because the abortionist was the notorious late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart.  Carhart has the infamous distinction of bringing suit against the federal government to try to keep the partial-birth abortion procedure from being abolished.

As of last Monday when Affiliated Womens Services ceased operations, Leroy Carhart will no longer be killing unborn children in Indianapolis.

Help us out at Johnson County and Hendricks County Fairs!

As part of our effort to educate the Greater Indianapolis area, we sponsor fair booths at not only the state fair, but several county fairs as well.  Next week we will have a booth at both the Johnson County Fair in Franklin and the Hendricks County Fair in Danville.

We need your help to man the booths and help educate fair visitors.  We have fetal development displays as well as information about the numbers and consequences of abortions in Central Indiana, information about the abortionists who operate here as well as info. about post-abortion healing resources, pregnancy help resources and other ways we are working to build a pro-life community.

We are asking you to volunteer for a two-hour shift.

Click here to volunteer for Hendricks County Fair

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