Might Be Pregnant?

The two most life-changing and difficult issues facing teens today are pregnancy and abortion, and these issues involve both pregnant girls and the fathers of their babies. Click here for detailed information on pregnancy and abortion plus help in dealing with both.

Pregnancy – Pregnancy can be wonderful, scary, and terrifying – sometimes all at the same time. Learn the earliest signs of pregnancy; get free pregnancy tests; see pictures of how your pregnancy and baby develop; and get help with your pregnancy if you need it.

Abortion – Abortion is serious and permanent. There’s no turning back, so don’t be pushed or influenced by others. Most girls don’t want an abortion, but they are often pushed into abortion by their families or boyfriends. Read the stories of girls who aborted and how they feel now; see what abortion clinic procedures are; learn how to deal with the pressure to abort; and read about potential abortion complications.

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Need Help?

Pregnant and need help?

The agencies, organizations and volunteer groups listed here are available to assist you with:

  • Crisis Pregnancy Assistance, including pregnancy testing, counseling, referral for medical help.
  • Adoption through licensed agencies