Abortion down across the board in Marion County in 2016

Indianapolis - The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) has released it’s annual abortion report for 2016.  Not only does it show an 8.5% drop in abortions for the state of Indiana for 2016, there was a similar 8.5% reduction in abortions committed on Marion County residents from 2015 to 2016.

In addition, abortions declined in 2016 at every single abortion facility in Indianapolis.  Total abortions committed in Indianapolis in 2016 dropped to 4,811 as compared to 5,021 in 2015.  This represents a 4.2% decrease in abortions committed in our city.  Abortions committed at the Planned Parenthood facility on Georgetown Rd. decreased 1.5% in 2016, those committed at Indianapolis Women’s Center dropped 6.2%, and abortions committed at Clinic for Women dropped 13.1% in 2016.

Roughly half of the of the abortions committed in Indianapolis involve residents of Indianapolis, 2,441 in 2016.  In 2015, there were 2,667 abortions committed on Marion County residents.  This represents an 8.5% decrease, which is roughly equal to the decrease across the state.

The decline in abortions committed at Indianapolis facilities, as well as those committed on Marion County residents not only represents lives saved, but is a testament to the work of our city’s pro-life movement.  Thc culture in our city is changing because of the hard work and dedication of our city’s pregnancy resource centers, our pro-life legislators at the state level, our city’s sidewalk advocates and the efforts of pro-lifers throughout our state.

Indiana Right to Life released a summary of other significant findings from the ISDH Report earlier today.

Click here to read Indiana Right to Life’s summary.

Click here to read the ISDH Terminated Pregnancy Report for 2016.

It’s the little things that count

“This year, be sure to include at least one resolution to help build a culture of life.”

Several years ago, Carol Tobias of National Right to Life started off the New Year with a heart-warming story of a woman who turned away from abortion simply because she saw a pro-life bumpersticker.

This story is a good reminder of how the simple things can often have a big impact.  A pro-life bumpersticker may not seem like much, but you never know who will read it or how it will affect those who see it.  In this case, the simple message, “Abortion stops a beating heart” was enough to save the life of a child.

RTLI has bumperstickers, pamphlets, pins and hundreds of other resources to help equip you to transform our culture.

RTLI has bumperstickers, pamphlets, pins and hundreds of other resources to equip you to transform our culture.

This year as you are making your New Year’s resolutions, be sure to include something simple that will help build a culture of life.  It could be an “Abortion stops a beating heart” bumpersticker, it could be a bumpersticker or pamphlet promoting pregnancy help resources from one of Indianapolis’ many pregnancy resource ministries, it could be wearing a “Precious Feet” pin or a pro-life T-shirt, or it could be volunteering for your favorite pro-life organization.

Whatever you resolve to do, know that it is the little things done faithfully over time that will eventually transform our culture.

More at stake in Carmel Teens for Life dispute than the sign

Carmel Teens For Life Club is a long-standing voice for life

Earlier this week news broke of a potential lawsuit involving Carmel Teens for Life students and the administration of Carmel High School.  Currently there are 20 pro-life student groups like Carmel’s in the Indianapolis area, but to be honest — there aren’t any that are quite like Carmel’s.  Carmel Teens for Life is the longest standing and largest pro-life student club in the area.

Carmel Teens for Life designed pro-life T-shirts that they have proudly worn for over 10 years.

Carmel Teens for Life designed pro-life T-shirts that they have proudly worn for over 10 years.

Carmel Teens for Life was started about 11 years ago, and have been a firm, consistent voice for the pro-life cause ever since.  They host a display table at Carmel High School’s annual Club Fair and have held chalk days where they put pro-life messages on sidewalks around campus.  They have even been able to make a pro-life statement at the high school’s homecoming by selling water bottles with “life” written on the side, as well as cupcakes as a reminder that all lives are valuable.

Earlier this year, they screen the pro-life movie Gimme Shelter in the school auditorium and invited not only other Carmel students, but members of pro-life clubs from other schools.  This was also a fundraiser for the maternity home in Carmel, The O’Connor House.  In fact, Carmel Teens for Life has been a strong supporter of many of the community pro-life groups in the Indianapolis area.  They promoted a benefit run for O’Connor House, were participants in the local 40 Days for Life campaign and they have attended and supported Right to Life of Indianapolis’ Celebrate Life Dinner for a decade.  Each year the contingent of students at RTLI’s dinner from Carmel High School seems to grow.

Student clubs like Carmel Teens for Life depend on good relations with the school’s administration, which is why the current situation is such a shame.  There has been a long track record of cooperation, agreement and understanding between the administration at Carmel High School and pro-life students.  Carmel High School has even gone so far as to allow city-wide Right to Life of Indianapolis Teens for Life forums to be held at the high school.

Because of the long-standing strength of the club, their consistent voice for the preborn, the disabled and others who are voiceless, we hope that the current dispute between Carmel’s administration and the student group can be resolved quickly and amicably.  We hate to see all the good that a student club like Carmel’s can do be jeopardized in this fashion.

Ambulance leaves Planned Parenthood abortion facility under flashing lights

Indianapolis, IN — Local paramedics were dispatched earlier today to Indiana’s largest abortion facility, the Planned Parenthood facility located at Georgetown Rd. and 86th street on the northwest side of Indianapolis.  The ambulance stayed less than 10 minutes before leaving Planned Parenthood under flashing lights, presumably transporting a patient to a local hospital.

3-1-16 Pike Ambulance BEST w. 3 lights flashing leaves PP - CF

An ambulance leaves Planned Parenthood with lights flashing. It is unknown which hospital allows the abortionist Jeffrey Glazer admitting privileges.

Both the fire department’s paramedic truck and the ambulance were photographed by pro-life activists holding vigil in front of Planned Parenthood as part of the national 40 Days for Life prayer vigil.  Photographs of the ambulance arriving were taken on March 1 at 1:08 pm and photographs of the ambulance leaving were taken on March 1 at 1:14 p.m.

“The abortion industry can claim that abortion is safe for women,” said Marc Tuttle, president of Right to Life of Indianapolis, “but incidents like today’s highlight the risks involved with abortion and the danger abortion poses to the women of our community.”

Sidewalk counselors in front of the abortion facility saw abortionist Jeffrey Glazer arrive earlier in the day.  Glazer drives from Kentucky to perform abortions at all three abortion facilities in Indianapolis.

Indiana recently passed a law requiring abortionists like Glazer to have a relationship with a local doctor who has admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

The incident at Planned Parenthood took place on the same day the Indiana Senate voted to require abortionists to submit annual verification of admitting privileges or a relationship with a doctor who has privileges, as well as a requirement that emergency rooms be provided contact information for the abortionist’s back-up doctor.

Indianapolis waste management company under investigation for receiving fetal remains

INDIANAPOLIS — An investigative report by Indianapolis news station RTV-6 is raising questions whether MedAssure, an Indianapolis-based medical waste disposal company, has received shipments of aborted babies from a Missouri Planned Parenthood.  According to RTV-6, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management has been investigating the claims, which would be a violation of MedAssure’s waste permit.

RTV-6 reported that questions were raised after the Missouri Attorney General’s office investigated Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri last year.  Although the Missouri AG found no “irregularities” at the abortion facility, the report went on to state, “our investigation traced the fetal organs and tissue removed during surgical abortions performed by PPSLR from the surgery, to the pathological examination, to their ultimate destruction.”  The report traced fetal body parts to two facilities, including the Indianapolis-based MedAssure.

The investigation by RTV-6 is shedding light on fetal disposal in Indiana just as the state legislature is considering new legislation that would require humane disposal of all babies killed through abortion.  House Bill 1337 passed the Indiana House last week and was recommended to the Senate where it is currently under consideration.

RTLI applauds Pence’s Investigation of Planned Parenthood

Right to Life of Indianapolis Applauds Pence’s Investigation into Planned Parenthood

Indianapolis is Home to Planned Parenthood’s Largest                        Indiana Abortion Facility

INDIANAPOLIS – Right to Life of Indianapolis applauds Gov. Mike Pence’s announcement to investigate Indiana’s Planned Parenthood facilities. The investigation comes on the heels of a new video showing Planned Parenthood’s Director of Medical Services discussing how to obtain baby body organs in abortions and sell them to interested buyers.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 LiveAction video

Gov. Pence requested an investigation of Planned Parenthood after Live Action released an undercover video showing Planned Parenthood selling parts of aborted babies.

Pence directed the Indiana State Department of Health to work in conjunction with the Indiana Attorney General’s Office to ens ure fetal tissue laws are being followed by Indiana’s Planned Parenthood facilities.

“We believe Gov. Pence’s order to investigate is an important step to ensuring local Planned Parenthoods aren’t illegally selling aborted baby parts,” stated Marc Tuttle, President of Right to Life of Indianapolis. “According to a former Indianapolis Planned Parenthood nurse, the abortion provider used to throw aborted baby body parts down the garbage disposal and into the sewer system. We hope they have changed their practice, but we pray they haven’t moved to an equally egregious practice of selling baby body parts. We look forward to the results of the state investigation.”

Planned Parenthood’s largest Indiana abortion facility is located at 8590 Georgetown Rd., Indianapolis. According to state data, in 2014, the abortion provider did 2973 abortions, or 36 percent of all statewide abortions.

A need for pro-life feminists

Pauline Cooper-Ioelu wrote a thought-provoking article about the bankruptcy of “choice” for today’s feminism.

According to Cooper-Ioelu, “Feminism has moved from an analysis and critique of discrimination against women, to a ruthless defense of individualism and choice, particularly in relation to anything related to sex and the body.” This has left contemporary feminism in a helpless position when it comes to critiquing social institutions and practices that are demeaning to women and that keep women from flourishing.  Of course, just because something is “chosen” doesn’t mean its empowering, healthy, or good for women, but feminists increasingly find themselves having to defend prostitution, rearing children without help from a father, pornography, abortion, and other anti-women activities simply because some women choose to participate.

Since this so-called “choice feminism” developed around the issue of abortion, it is only fitting the pro-life movement take a leading role in restoring feminism to its original calling.  Feminists should be fighting against inequality, trying to shine the light of justice on practices that harm women and hold women back.  Not only does abortion arise as a temptation for many women because of inherent inequalities in our society, it creates even more inequalities that harm women and keep them from truly flourishing.

When a man is able to say to a woman, “it’s your choice.  You can either abort the child or raise it as your own,” with no societal expectations that he take responsibility for participating in raising that child, that is anti-woman and feminists should be outraged.  When a father or boyfriend — or even a mother or grandmother — can coerce and pressure a young woman into destroying her child, that is anti-woman and feminists should be outraged.  When women suffer the emotional and physical aftermath of abortion without society even acknowledging these as real problems, that is anti-woman and feminists should be outraged.

There’s a need now more than ever for a true, pro-woman, pro-life feminism that isn’t blinded by the ideology of choice.  Our society has become saturated with pornography, our cultural dating habits are leaving young women exploited and used, our obsession with abortion-on-demand has left women hurt and unable to heal.  All of these hold women back, all of them are demeaning and lead to inequality.

The pro-life movement has done a fantastic job of showing our culture the true humanity of the preborn child.  It’s time we began to focus on the true dignity and honor of women in our society.  We need pro-life feminism.

ACTION ALERT: US House of Representatives to take up 20-week abortion ban next week

4DThe Republican leadership of the US House of Representatives has announced that will bring The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36) to the House for a floor vote on Wednesday, May 13 or Thursday, May May 14. 

The bill extends general protection from abortion to unborn children beginning at 20 weeks fetal age.  This federal bill was modeled after similar states bills which have been enacted in 11 states so far.

Please call your congressional representative to urge full support for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36)

*Rep. Susan Brooks 202-225-2276

*Rep. Larry Bucshon 202-225-4636

*Rep. Andre Carson 202-225-4011

*Rep. Luke Messer 202-225-3021

*Rep. Todd Rokita 202-225-5037

*Rep. Marlin Stuzman 202-225-4436

*Rep. Peter Visclosky 202-225-2461

*Rep. Jackie Walorski 202-225-3915

   Take action now!

Medical Licensing Board Rejects Motion to Dismiss Complaints against Indy Abortionists

Medical Licensing Board will review evidence at a future hearing

Today, hearings were scheduled for three Indianapolis abortion doctors regarding administrative licensing complaints before the Indiana Medical Licensing Board. The complaints were filed in Sept. 2014 by Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office for alleged violations of abortion procedure record keeping and advice and consent laws. American Civil Liberties Union attorneys urged the Medical Licensing Board to drop the case, but the Board rejected a motion for summary judgment and will schedule a future hearing to review evidence.

Abortion doctors Resad Pasic, Kathleen Glover and Raymond Robinson perform abortions at the Clinic for Women on West 16th Street in Indianapolis.

Right to Life of Indianapolis President Marc Tuttle, who was present at today’s hearing, said, “We are pleased this case is moving forward and that the abortion doctors from the Clinic for Women are being held accountable. We believe poor practices in the areas of record keeping and advice and consent laws show a blatant disregard for women’s health and safety. These alleged violations must be addressed. We urge the Medical Licensing Board to swiftly schedule the future hearing.

The Indiana Medical Licensing Board will soon hear more alleged violations in the abortion industry. Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who runs licensed abortion facilities in Fort Wayne, South Bend and Gary, is tentatively scheduled to appear before the Board on June 25. Klopfer’s hearing is the result of the Attorney General’s filing of an administrative complaint against Klopfer’s license, comprised of 1,833 alleged violations or counts.

Click here to view the news release from the Attorney General’s office on the administrative licensing complaints filed in Sept. 2014 against abortion doctors Resad Pasic, Kathleen Glover, Raymond Robinson and Ulrich Klopfer.

Click here to learn more about the recent Indiana Department of Health survey of the Clinic for Women.