More at stake in Carmel Teens for Life dispute than the sign

Carmel Teens For Life Club is a long-standing voice for life

Earlier this week news broke of a potential lawsuit involving Carmel Teens for Life students and the administration of Carmel High School.  Currently there are 20 pro-life student groups like Carmel’s in the Indianapolis area, but to be honest — there aren’t any that are quite like Carmel’s.  Carmel Teens for Life is the longest standing and largest pro-life student club in the area.

Carmel Teens for Life designed pro-life T-shirts that they have proudly worn for over 10 years.

Carmel Teens for Life designed pro-life T-shirts that they have proudly worn for over 10 years.

Carmel Teens for Life was started about 11 years ago, and have been a firm, consistent voice for the pro-life cause ever since.  They host a display table at Carmel High School’s annual Club Fair and have held chalk days where they put pro-life messages on sidewalks around campus.  They have even been able to make a pro-life statement at the high school’s homecoming by selling water bottles with “life” written on the side, as well as cupcakes as a reminder that all lives are valuable.

Earlier this year, they screen the pro-life movie Gimme Shelter in the school auditorium and invited not only other Carmel students, but members of pro-life clubs from other schools.  This was also a fundraiser for the maternity home in Carmel, The O’Connor House.  In fact, Carmel Teens for Life has been a strong supporter of many of the community pro-life groups in the Indianapolis area.  They promoted a benefit run for O’Connor House, were participants in the local 40 Days for Life campaign and they have attended and supported Right to Life of Indianapolis’ Celebrate Life Dinner for a decade.  Each year the contingent of students at RTLI’s dinner from Carmel High School seems to grow.

Student clubs like Carmel Teens for Life depend on good relations with the school’s administration, which is why the current situation is such a shame.  There has been a long track record of cooperation, agreement and understanding between the administration at Carmel High School and pro-life students.  Carmel High School has even gone so far as to allow city-wide Right to Life of Indianapolis Teens for Life forums to be held at the high school.

Because of the long-standing strength of the club, their consistent voice for the preborn, the disabled and others who are voiceless, we hope that the current dispute between Carmel’s administration and the student group can be resolved quickly and amicably.  We hate to see all the good that a student club like Carmel’s can do be jeopardized in this fashion.