Ambulance leaves Planned Parenthood abortion facility under flashing lights

Indianapolis, IN — Local paramedics were dispatched earlier today to Indiana’s largest abortion facility, the Planned Parenthood facility located at Georgetown Rd. and 86th street on the northwest side of Indianapolis.  The ambulance stayed less than 10 minutes before leaving Planned Parenthood under flashing lights, presumably transporting a patient to a local hospital.

3-1-16 Pike Ambulance BEST w. 3 lights flashing leaves PP - CF

An ambulance leaves Planned Parenthood with lights flashing. It is unknown which hospital allows the abortionist Jeffrey Glazer admitting privileges.

Both the fire department’s paramedic truck and the ambulance were photographed by pro-life activists holding vigil in front of Planned Parenthood as part of the national 40 Days for Life prayer vigil.  Photographs of the ambulance arriving were taken on March 1 at 1:08 pm and photographs of the ambulance leaving were taken on March 1 at 1:14 p.m.

“The abortion industry can claim that abortion is safe for women,” said Marc Tuttle, president of Right to Life of Indianapolis, “but incidents like today’s highlight the risks involved with abortion and the danger abortion poses to the women of our community.”

Sidewalk counselors in front of the abortion facility saw abortionist Jeffrey Glazer arrive earlier in the day.  Glazer drives from Kentucky to perform abortions at all three abortion facilities in Indianapolis.

Indiana recently passed a law requiring abortionists like Glazer to have a relationship with a local doctor who has admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

The incident at Planned Parenthood took place on the same day the Indiana Senate voted to require abortionists to submit annual verification of admitting privileges or a relationship with a doctor who has privileges, as well as a requirement that emergency rooms be provided contact information for the abortionist’s back-up doctor.