Indianapolis waste management company under investigation for receiving fetal remains

INDIANAPOLIS — An investigative report by Indianapolis news station RTV-6 is raising questions whether MedAssure, an Indianapolis-based medical waste disposal company, has received shipments of aborted babies from a Missouri Planned Parenthood.  According to RTV-6, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management has been investigating the claims, which would be a violation of MedAssure’s waste permit.

RTV-6 reported that questions were raised after the Missouri Attorney General’s office investigated Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri last year.  Although the Missouri AG found no “irregularities” at the abortion facility, the report went on to state, “our investigation traced the fetal organs and tissue removed during surgical abortions performed by PPSLR from the surgery, to the pathological examination, to their ultimate destruction.”  The report traced fetal body parts to two facilities, including the Indianapolis-based MedAssure.

The investigation by RTV-6 is shedding light on fetal disposal in Indiana just as the state legislature is considering new legislation that would require humane disposal of all babies killed through abortion.  House Bill 1337 passed the Indiana House last week and was recommended to the Senate where it is currently under consideration.