40 Days for Life Mid-Point Rally features mom’s story

Pro-life activist, Maria Hernandez, will be the featured speaker at the 40 Days for Life Mid-Point Rally this Saturday, March 14th at 10:30 in front of the Planned Parenthood on Georgetown Rd, just south of 86th St.

An intervention counselor for the Gabriel Project, pro-life blogger, photographer, wife and mother of four, Hernandez believes “it has never been harder than today to by young and to be pure, and to defend life and to defend truth.”

She recently released two videos; the first detailed her unwanted pregnancy and the second was of her daughter, filmed in front of a Planned Parenthood, reading a letter to our president on why he too should be pro-life.

Coming from Guadalajara, Mexico Hernandez found herself, like so many women do, broke and in a crisis pregnancy. She was twenty-six years old at the time and away from her country and family. Her story is one of empowerment which now, not only allows her to defend those without a voice but also reach out to women. Hernandez specifically reaches out to Hispanic women who, as she puts it, “need to hear words of hope in Spanish.”

Hernandez is also quick to remind us that we have no idea how many babies have been saved as a result of prayers outside of abortion clinics. A previous volunteer for RTLI, she participated in our Rose Ceremony back in January. Through an internet radio show, Maria Radio Indy, she promotes spiritual adoption, chastity, Natural Family Planning (NFP) and the culture of life.

To learn more about Maria Hernandez check out her website, www.danielymariaonline.com, and come hear her testimony at the 40 Days for Life Mid-Point Rally.