BREAKING NEWS: Indiana Attorney General files suit against three Indianapolis abortionists

Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office today filed administrative licensing complaints with the Indiana Medical Licensing Board against four physicians for violations of abortion record-keeping and advice and consent laws. Three of the abortionists named in the Attorney General’s suit commit abortions in Indianapolis.

The complaints ask the Medical Licensing Board to consider appropriate disciplinary action against the medical licenses of Dr. Resad Pasic, Dr. Kathleen Glover and Dr. Raymond Robinson. All three commit abortions at the Clinic for Women located on W. 16th Street in Indianapolis. The fourth abortionist, Dr. Uhlrich Klopfer, commits abortions in South Bend and Gary. The complaints encompass a range of violations from not filing appropriate paperwork, not properly notifying authorities of abortions performed on girls 13-years-old or younger and not ensuring that informed and voluntary consent was obtained according to state law.

Based on the complaints from the Attorney General, the Medical Licensing Board could vote to revoke the licenses of the abortionists named in the suit.

Click here to read the full press release from the Indiana Attorney General’s office