It’s the little things that count

“This year, be sure to include at least one resolution to help build a culture of life.” Several years ago, Carol Tobias of National Right to Life started off the New Year with a heart-warming story of a woman who turned away from abortion simply because she saw a pro-life bumpersticker. This story is a […]

Ambulance leaves Planned Parenthood abortion facility under flashing lights

Indianapolis, IN — Local paramedics were dispatched earlier today to Indiana’s largest abortion facility, the Planned Parenthood facility located at Georgetown Rd. and 86th street on the northwest side of Indianapolis.  The ambulance stayed less than 10 minutes before leaving Planned Parenthood under flashing lights, presumably transporting a patient to a local hospital. Both the fire […]


Please Pray! An ambulance just left Indy's PP at Georgetown Rd. #Womendeservebetter #DefundPP

With Vice President Pence breaking tie, Senate moves against Planned Parenthood via @usatoday

Thrilled to have 12 Chatard students at the RTLI office for their annual community service day!……

Chilis Cancels PP Fundraiser in Indiana and Kentucky After Pro-Life People Complain…

Chilis Restaurants in Indiana helping raise funds for Planned Parenthood…

At least 11 buses of teens (and 2 vans) are headed to the March for Life from Indy #MarchForLife2017 #wearetheprolifegeneration

The Atlantic Runs Embarrassing Correction After Publishing False Claim About Fetal Hearts… via @dailycaller

PPINK employee admits they don't do prenatal care and that the name "Planned Parenthood" is "deceiving"…

Planned Parenthood serves less clients than people who went to Women's Marches… via @Students4LifeHQ

Womens March Erects a Pro-Life Barrier | RealClearPolitics…

RTLI and Crusaders for Life march to protest abortion in Indy via @indystar

Report: Planned Parenthood, Other State Programs Cost Taxpayers $132 Million+ in Waste, Fraud, & Abuse… #defundPP

This year, make sure one of your resolutions helps to build a culture of life.… #ProLife

More at stake in Carmel Teens for Life dispute than the sign…

On #GivingTuesday help support @rtlindy as we build a culture of life in central Indiana

Victims of forced sterilization awarded $10 million compensation. A shameful chapter in our nation's history.

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